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To view the 'Cosmic Design Show' website, click on the link below




Official homepage of MIND TRIP STUDIO, founded by mixed-media artist and video editor Galen Olson.

Galen found inspiration from space and astronomy, and ran with the idea of building his own universe through various styles of paintings. He uses his platform with "Galen's Workshop" to practice other styles of art creation through experimentation.

GALEN'S WORKSHOP, currently in its seventh season, is an online art-creation series on YouTube, Instagram,

and Tik Tok. The series documents the creation of Galen's work from start to finish through fast motion and art challenges.


THE COSMIC DESIGN SHOW is Galen's new show premiering January 2023,

mixing his love of sci-fi and space astronomy with art creation and pressure challenges.

RETROGRESSION is a new show beginning in Fall 2023, featuring "reversal-creation" episodes where

an episode starts from the finished creation all the way back to the very beginning. 


Feel free to cruise the gallery, browse the shop, or watch episodes of Galen's shows!

Contact info down below. Feel free to reach out on social media.

Galen is available for art shows, hosting, and other events!

Currently not available for custom commissions

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